How our humble car wash ended up in the latest Netflix hit

Imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger entering your car wash. The floor sinks down and his car simply disappears into a long tunnel. You must be dreaming, right? For car wash owner Mike Black this script became reality. His Valet Car Wash was used for the latest Netflix-series Fubar!

Fubar is the current hit on Netflix, where former bodybuilder and state governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (75) makes a welcome return as an actor. In the 8-episode series, he plays an almost retired CIA-agent who finds out his daughter is also working for the company. In the second episode of the series, we see how they secretly enter the CIA headquarters. Via a car wash, which has a hidden tunnel underneath. Black’s Valet Car Wash.

So how did the producers find Black’s beautiful car wash? Through so-called location scouts, we learn. People who roam the world for great filming locations. One day they showed up at Valet Car Wash in Mississauga (Ontario), which is owned by Canadian Mike Black.

“At first I was a bit reluctant and suggested a few other car washes they could approach. We get numerous calls for this type of thing and it’s kind of a big interruption for your business.”

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