Without employees, a company is just a dream. Meet the team members who make Valet Car Wash a reality every day!

Jaclyn Kennedy is the Regional Operations Manager providing guidance and support to the Site Operations Managers for the tri-city locations & Chatham.

She has worked for Valet Car Wash family for twenty years. Her time working for the company has allowed her to be fully knowledgeable on all aspects of the car wash operations, packages, prices and special offers that best suit each and every customer’s vehicle needs. She loves the customer interaction and seeing their reactions to their newly cleaned vehicle. Her goal is to ensure that each person receives exceptional quality and customer service when they come to Valet Car Wash.

Being a Regional Operations Manager, she makes it a priority to train all her staff to ensure that they meet the customer’s expectation in every department of Valet Car Wash, whether it be the car wash itself, interior cleaning, or their self-service bays. Valet’s continued success in keeping repeat business over the years is due to the high standards of work performed by the employees of Valet Car Wash.

Nicole is the Site Operations Manager and has worked for the St. Catharines Valet Car Wash location since 2014. She started as a Supervisor and worked her way up to Site Manager after many years of dedicated hard work. As a supervisor, she gained a good perspective of each position, and worked alongside staff to ensure that customers left with their expectations exceeded. Her goal is to exude exceptional customer service, to lead by example, and to make sure her team feels supported. Attention to detail and setting high standards is what makes Valet Car Wash stand out, and they are committed to being the first choice for car wash and detailing needs for the people of the Niagara Region.

Welcome my name is Sheena, I’m the Site manager of the Cambridge location. I have been part of the Valet team since 2009.

Valet has allowed me to grow within the business I started out as a wash attendant. I’m very knowledgeable when it comes to day to day operations. I’m very passionate about what I do here. Helping customers is my number one priority.

This location offers express exterior, express interior cleaning services as well as a detail center and lube shop we also have self-serve bays.

Hi there! My name is Samantha and I am the Operations Manager of the Valet Car Wash Guelph South location. I started with Valet in as an Assistant Manager eventually taking over the role of Site Manager. I oversee daily operations on-site to ensure they are being done safely and in a timely manner.

Our motto at Valet is that ‘we are here to help’ and that’s exactly what I love about working here. Building relationships with our customers and making sure they leave happy, is our #1 priority. This location offers exterior drive-thru car washing, express interior cleaning and 24/7 self-service bays and vacuums for your convenience.

Hi,  my name is Delvin Benny.  I am the site manager of the Kitchener Location. I have been a part of the valet family since 2022 and the journey keeps going. I have been working hard to learn all the aspects of the wash and provide exceptional service to customers. Our mission is to be the customers first choice for cleaning cars,  and we are committed  to make our mission true.  Valet Car Wash always tries to create a good relationship with the customer and it is our duty to see that customers get the correct wash they purchased and make sure they leave the place happy.

Hello my name is Jennifer and I run the daily operations of Valet Car Wash Brantford  I make sure that Valet offers the highest quality of exterior and interior cleaning. We offer the cheapest wash in Brantford.

Training of my staff is a big priority and making sure that they meet the customer’s expectation in every department of Valet car Wash, Exterior wash, Interior cleaning. Making sure that a specific level of quality both exterior and interior of customer’s car is attained.

Our success in winning repeat business over the years is due to the high standards of work performed by the employees of Valet Car Wash.

Hello, my name is Ashley and I’m the site manager for the Chatham Exterior Wash and Lube Shop. I started with the Valet family in 2021 and have been working hard to learn all the aspects of the wash and lube operations. I have an exceptionally hard working team operating the site with me, helping to ensure we are living up to the Valet motto of ‘Making People Feel Good’. We take pride in the service we deliver and ensure that we follow the training procedures and processes that allow us to deliver an exceptional customer service experience with every visit.

Hello, my name is Brittany. I’m the site manager at our Guelph north end location. I’ve been a part of the Valet team since 2011, starting out as a wash attendant learning, growing with the company, and working my way up to management. I have a great team to support and help me learn and grow more. I do my best to help customers in any way possible to make sure they have the best quality experience here whether you’re fueling, purchasing a wash, require propane, need directions or just have a question. I really enjoy interacting with customers and meeting new people daily. I ensure my staff are well trained and willing to go above and beyond to help with any issues, concerns, questions or help in any way possible to make your experience at Valet the best. So come on down to our location for a wash, propane, fuel or just to say hi!

I have been a part of the Valet family for 10+ years now. I enjoy talking to people and having conversations with them to share my experience and knowledge about car wash, and how each day is different and exciting. I have acquired knowledge and hands-on experience to help all of you out here and to feel good.

I want you to feel the “WOW” factor when you step inside your car and feel that pride. There’s a saying that “if you take car of your car, it will in return take care of you” and we at Valet “feel our pride” in doing that for you and “feel honored” in making you part of our family.

We have a well trained staff who are passionate about working on cars. You can feel it, surely, when you visit our location. “Well done is better than well said”. I would be happy to take care of you personally and provide you quality service.We ensure the same by providing Quality, Speed and Service.

Christal Narday is the Operations manager of the Valet Car Wash South Mississauga location. She started with Valet in 2000 as a cashier, working her way up to management which has helped her to clearly understand every aspect of each department including detailing and customer relations. This location is fully equipped to handle all of your car washing and express detailing needs.

To ensure customer satisfaction, every express detailing service is quality inspected. Hope to see you soon!

Monica Izzi is the Operations Manager at the Valet Carwash St. Catharines North Location. She has been running carwashes for over 10 years. She started off working as a car detailer and moved up from there.

She enjoys working with her staff and engaging with customers, you will likely see her working hands on at her car wash. Her location offers higher end detailing such as polishing, shampooing and waxing.

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