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Management Team

Samantha Broome

Site Operations Manager
Team member since 2019
Location: 1007 Gordon St. Guelph, Ontario

Hi there! My name is Samantha and I am the Operations Manager of the Valet Car Wash Guelph South location. I started with Valet in as an Assistant Manager eventually taking over the role of Site Manager. I oversee daily operations on-site to ensure they are being done safely and in a timely manner. Our motto at Valet is that ‘we are here to help’ and that’s exactly what I love about working here. Building relationships with our customers and making sure they leave happy, is our #1 priority. This location offers exterior drive-thru car washing, express interior cleaning and 24/7 self-service bays and vacuums for your convenience.

Jaclyn Kennedy

Site Operations Manager
Team member since 2004
Location: 2396 Eagle Street, Cambridge, Ontario

Hello, my name is Jaclyn; I have worked for the Cambridge Valet Car Wash for twelve years now. My time working for this company has allowed me to be fully knowledgeable on all aspects of the car wash operations, our packages, prices and special offers that best suit each and every customer's vehicle needs. I love the customer interaction and seeing their reactions to their newly cleaned vehicle. My goal is to ensure that each one of you receives exceptional quality and customer service when you come to Valet Car Wash. Being a Site Operations Manager I make it a priority of training all my staff to ensure that they meet the customer's expectation in every department of Valet Car Wash, whether it be the car wash itself, interior cleaning, or our self-service bays. Our continued success in keeping repeat business over the years is due to the high standards of work performed by our employees of Valet Car Wash.

Christal Narday

Site Operations Manager
Team member since 2000
Location: 655 The Queensway E. Mississauga, Ontario

Christal Narday is the Operations manager of the Valet Car Wash Mississauga South location. She started with Valet in 2000 as a cashier, working her way up to management which has helped her to clearly understand every aspect of each department including detailing and customer relations. This location is fully equipped to handle all of your car washing and express detailing needs. To ensure customer satisfaction, every express detailing service is quality inspected. Hope to see you soon!

Jimmy Joseph

Site Operations Manager
Team member since 2012
Location: 1401 Matheson Blvd., Mississauga, Ontario

I have been a part of the Valet family for a few years now. After joining, I discovered that this was my passion and would love to do this for the rest of my life. I enjoy talking to people and having conversations with them to share my experience and knowledge about car wash, and how each day is different and exciting. I have acquired knowledge and hands on experience to help all of you out here and to feel good. I want you to get the "WOW" factor when you step inside your car and feel that pride. There's a saying that "if you take car of your car, it will in return take care of you" and we at Valet "feel pride" in doing that for you and "feel honored" in making you part of our family.

We have all services under one umbrella from exterior cleaning to detailed inside cleaning which includes a lot of things such as shampooing, hand waxing and a lot of other services. I have a well trained staff who are passionate about working on cars. You can feel it, surely, when you visit our location. "Well done is better than well said". I would be happy to take care of you personally and provide you quality service. At Valet most of our staff has been working with us for many years, We ensure to take care of their happiness and maintain their longevity with us and we would be happy to do the same with all of you, that wish to take advantage of our services and be part of our family for years to come.

We ensure the same by providing Quality, Speed and Service. It will always be a pleasure coming back to us again and again.

Brittney Wall

Site Operations Manager
Team member since 2013
Location: 128 Woodlawn Rd., Guelph Ontario

Hello, my name is Brittany. I'm the new site manager at our Guelph north end location. I've been apart of the Valet team since 2011, starting out as a wash attendant learning and growing with the company and working my way up to management. I am new to the position but I have a great team to support and help me learn and grow more. I do my best to help customers in any way possible to make sure they have the best quality experience here whether your fueling, purchasing a wash, purchasing propane, need directions or just have a question. I really enjoy interacting with customers and meeting new people on a daily basis. I ensure my staff are well trained and willing to go above and beyond to help with any issues, concerns, questions or help in any way possible to make your experience at Valet the best. So come on down to our location for a wash, propane, fuel or just to say hi!

Ashley Melnyk

Site Operations Manager
Location: 625 St. Clair St. Chatham

Site Operation Manager
Team member since 2019
Location 625 St Clair St. Chatham

Hello my name is Ashley. I am the site manager for the Chatham location of Valet Car Wash and Valvoline Lube Shop. I have been with the Valet family since 2019 and have had a good support system while learning. I would like to welcome you to our location where you will be treated with respect and as part of our family.

Jennifer Durham

Site Operations Manager

Team Member Since 2018

Location; 175 Lynden Rd, Brantford

Hello I am Jennifer and I run the daily operations of Valet Car Wash. I make sure that Valet offers the highest quality of exterior and interior cleaning. We offer the cheapest wash in Brantford also offering monthly memberships starting at $12.99.Training of my staff is a big priority and making sure that they meet the customer's expectation in every department of Valet car Wash, Exterior wash, interior cleaning,. Making sure that a specific level of quality both exterior and interior of customer's car is attained.
Our success in winning repeat business over the years is due to the high standards of work performed by the employees of Valet Car Wash.

Delvin Benny

Site Operations Manager
Location: 1520 Victoria Street, Kitchener, Ontario

My name is Delvin and I am the Manager for the Kitchener Valet location. I have been a part of the Valet family since 2020. I love washing cars and I enjoy when my customers are happy with their clean car. My staff and I are committed to ensuring that every customer gets the right wash in a safe, speedy and friendly environment. Cleaning your car is an important part of your cars maintenance, so it is our first priority to ensure that the car wash is working 100%, that you purchase the correct wash and that you receive the best customer service possible. Please, come visit us and see for yourself.