Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I have my car cleaned?

Ideally, you’d want to have your car washed and cleaned once every week. Once-a-week car washes will help you keep the paint and exterior of your vehicle well preserved.

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Is it safe to take a freshly painted car to your car wash?

As long as your car’s paint job has been effectively cured, it is safe to pass through your local car wash. A fresh paint job on most parts of the vehicle typically requires 30 days of curing time.

Our Hybrid Car Wash Technology actually helps preserve your car’s paint.

I have a newer vehicle. Do I still need to be concerned with Rust Prevention?

Absolutely, Environment Canada estimates up to nine million tons of salt are scattered on Canadian roads each year. Municipalities are now spraying calcium and magnesium chloride solutions on the roads prior to and after a winter storm.

These deicers are often mixed with Beet Juice for better adhesion to the road surface. The result of this winter cocktail is an extremely corrosive substance which clings to all the metal parts of your vehicle including the brake and fuel lines. The National Highway Traffic & Safety Administration (NHTSA) has issued broad public warnings telling motorists to thoroughly wash the underside of their vehicles during the winter months.

They identified that after driving just 8 years in harsh winter conditions such as those we experience in Ontario there was enough buildup of corrosion to produce dangerous structural problems including sudden brake failure that could put you and your passengers in danger, wash your vehicle including the undercarriage frequently during the winter and have a professional no drip rust protection applied yearly along with a vehicle inspection twice per year.

Why Valet Car Wash?

Simple. Experience, dedication and trust. With over 30 years of experience in the Car Wash industry, Valet Car Wash provides its customers with the most modern equipment and a well-trained staff of professionals. We do it faster, better and cheaper.

How often should I wash my car?

Weekly. Washing your car once a week will ensure that your vehicle’s surface is being cared for properly.

Is it safe to bring my convertible, vinyl or canvas custom topped vehicle to a Valet Car Wash?

Person with a majestic beard leaning against their rare blue 1955 Kaiser Manhattan, at a Valet Car Wash & Detail Centre

Yes. Our advanced custom computerized system allows us to safely wash all factory convertibles tops. Please make sure your roof is properly latched. Although depending on the condition, it may leak a little. 

It just rained or snowed so why do I need to wash my car?

This is a critical time to protect your vehicle’s finish. Pollutants such as sulfuric and nitric acids from automobile, truck and factory exhaust become trapped in the raindrops or snow flakes that settle on your car. The sun will evaporate the water and leave behind concentrated acid that can damage your car’s finish.

Will the car wash brushes scratch my car?

No, Valet does not use brushes. Valet Car Wash uses 100% foam to clean your vehicle. The foam is cleaned and rinsed thoroughly during every wash with fresh water. Our latest closed cell technology uses foam to gently clean your vehicle’s surface. Closed Cell Foam does not have the capability to embed any dirt, stone, water into its material.

I have the protective coating on my undercarriage so why do I need to have the undercarriage treatment?

Our undercarriage treatment removes salt, sand and other road contaminants that are present year round. The undercarriage of your car also takes tremendous punishment from small stones that are kicked up by your tires. These stones bombard the undercarriage and nick your undercarriage’s protection and may expose bare metal. Once rust gets a foothold it will spread regardless of the protection.

Will the wax from the car wash streak the outside of my windows?

The wax itself won’t streak the outside of your windows.

However, grease and oil can get trapped underneath your wipers, which can cause the rainbow-like streaks you may see on your window.

What is acid rain & how does it harm my vehicle?

When rain or snow falls it captures environmental pollutants from factory, automobile and truck exhaust. The sun heats and evaporates the water but leaves behind concentrated acid spots which cannot be removed. Prevention is the key here. Keep a good coat of wax on the finish and wash your car, especially after a rain or snowstorm.

What is the best time to come for an interior?

The best time to come in for an interior is on a rain or snow day. Generally, the wait times on a busy sunny day can average from 1/2 hour to one hour. For those of you just looking for the quickest time these days are the best. Come in our lobby and we’ll take care of your interior and then on a sunny day just drive through our wash and get the outside done. You can also book an appointment online and choose the time that works best for you.

Isn't washing my car in the driveway better for my car and safer for the environment?

Person pressure washing their car mats in their driveway

No. Dirt collects in wash water, sponges and chamois will scratch your car’s finish. The technology used today at professional car washes will not scratch or create “swirl” marks on your car. Not only is a professional car wash safer for your car, most use 80% less water as a driveway wash, and use biodegradable cleaning solutions to further protect the environment. Also, dirty water used by professional car washes is disposed of properly. Water from driveways washes ends up in storm drains, which can go directly into our lakes, rivers and streams.

How long will it take to have my car washed in the tunnel?

Aerial view of a Valet Car Wash

Once you’re in the tunnel and the car is “prepped” it takes 3-4 min., depending on which location you visit.

When should I wash bugs or bird droppings?

Closeup of a white car bumper full of bugs

As soon as possible, especially if the car is new. Insect residue and bird droppings form acids that immediately start to eat away a car’s finish.

What exactly is "Tri-color foaming polish" and what does it do for my car?

Happy customer inside their car in the middle of a car wash cycle

“Tri-color foaming polish” is the premier foaming paint and clear coat treatment. It’s formulated with the blend of the best modern protective polymers (plastic-like coating materials) available today. These polymers immediately bond to your vehicle’s finish, developing a hard, clear, reflective layer of shine and protection. So, each time you apply “tri-color foaming polish”, you actually deepen the shine and add even more protection.

Is it safe to wash my vehicle when it's cold outside?

As we all know; water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0°C). Anytime the temperature falls below this you run the risk of things freezing up.

But there are a few simple things you can do to help prevent freezing when it’s cold:

  • Park in a garage whenever possible
  • Leave your car running or drive for several minutes after going through the car wash.
  • Spray lock de-icer on your locks after you exit the wash.
  • Put your key in every lock and turn it back and forth a number of times. This helps to displace any water that might be present.
  • Take the time to dry off your door jambs.

Do you wash low riding vehicles?

Yes, we can wash nearly all vehicles that sit 4” or lower to the ground. If you are unsure, please ask an attendant before entering the wash.

Do you wash large vans or trucks?

Yes, except for vehicles that are over 7’2″ (86″) high can be washed in our self-serve bays (where available). If you are unsure, please ask an attendant before entering the wash.

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