Oil Spray Anti-Rust Protection

Rust protection, also called rust proofing or undercoating, is a preventive measure against rust formation on a vehicle’s metal surfaces. Rust, a natural process triggered by metal’s reaction to oxygen and moisture, threatens structural integrity.

This process applies a protective coating to exposed metal, focusing on moisture-prone areas like the undercarriage and wheel wells. The aim is to create a barrier preventing direct contact with corrosive elements, effectively slowing or halting rust’s progression.

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Rust Protection That Works – Where It Should

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We offer Formula 2, worry free, no-drip rust protection. Tried and tested rust protection, since 1976.

Our formula clings to metal surfaces, creeping into seams and crevices and actually penetrating the pores of metal. Special additives displace rust causing moisture on contact. No Drip, No Mess.

Benefits of Valet’s Rust Protection:

Trust Your Vehicle To Valet’s Rust Protection Services

Our formula combines rust inhibitors with petroleum-based solids to create an air-tight moisture barrier.

Corrosion occurs year round, so it’s important to apply rust protection annually for maximum protection.