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South St. Catharines

About Our South St. Catharines Location

Situated on Benfield Dr. across the street from Walmart, our South St. Catharines Car Wash location also offers an Express Exterior Soft Cloth car wash and Interior cleaning.

We’re here to revitalize your car and leave it looking as good as new. Visit us today!

Express Interior Cleaning

Valet technician cleaning a customer's car door

Revitalize your car’s interior with our Interior Cleaning service. Based on your choice of package, our meticulous process includes vacuuming, surface wiping, seat cleaning, mat cleaning, window cleaning, leather conditioning, vinyl and plastic wipedown, Choose us for our expertise, quality assurance, convenience, and eco-friendliness.

Interior Packages

Basic Interior

Cleaning Time: Approx. 10–15 min.

  • Car $22.99 + tax
  • Vans & Large SUVs Add $6.99 + tax
What's included:
Superior Interior

Cleaning Time: Approx. 30–45 min.

What's included:
Additional services


  • Hand dry $4.99 + tax
  • Mat Shampoo (per mat) $4.99 + tax
  • All carpets shampooed $74.99 + tax
  • All seats shampooed $74.99 + tax
  • All Seats Leather treated $74.99 + tax
  • Add Express Ceramic Coating Cars $99.99 + tax

Van / SUV

  • Hand dry $4.99 + tax
  • Mat Shampoo (per mat) $4.99 + tax
  • All carpets shampooed $86.98 + tax
  • All seats shampooed $86.98 + tax
  • All Seats Leather treated $86.98 + tax
  • Add Express Ceramic Coating Truck / SUVs $114.99 + tax

Express Detailing Services

Shampoo Package

Cleaning Time: Approx. 120 min.

Time will be longer for SUVs/Vans. Wait times may vary during peak hours. Carpets and seats will be damp. Plastic seat covers provided.

An extra charge will apply for vehicles with pet hair or excessive dirt/mud, and for work trucks.

  • Cars & Small SUVs $179.99 + tax
  • Vans & Large SUVs +$24.99 + tax

What's included:

Express Ceramic Coating

Cleaning Time: Approx. 60–90 min.

(2-Step Process) For the best protection against environmental damage, sun. salt, acid rain. Perfect for new cars.

What's included:

We recommend this service to be done twice a year for the best protection against Fall and Spring weather.

Exterior Car Wash

Customer's car in the middle of the exterior wash

We offer a fast and convenient exterior car wash with advanced hybrid tunnel technology, efficiently removing dirt and contaminants. Enjoy environmental benefits, enhanced appearance, and affordable unlimited monthly wash packages for a clean vehicle.

Free Self-Serve Vacuums at Valet Car Wash North St. Catherines

Free Self-Serve Vacuums

Our powerful and efficient vacuum stations are conveniently located, making it easy for you to give your car's interior a quick and effective clean.

Available only during operating hours.

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