Self-Serve Bays

What Are Self-Serve Bays?

Self-serve bays are designated areas equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment for you to personally clean your vehicle.

These bays are designed for do-it-yourself car washing, allowing you to control the cleaning process according to your preferences.

Self-Serve Bays Preserve Water

This is the best eco-friendly car wash option as self serve bays use the least amount of water to wash a car amongst all other car wash options available.

Self-serve bays typically include features like high-pressure hoses, foaming brushes, soap dispensers, spot-free rinse systems, and vacuum stations.

These facilities provide an economical and convenient option for individuals who want to take charge of their car cleaning while enjoying the flexibility of customizing their cleaning routine.

Benefits of Self Service Bays

Why Choose Valet Car Wash?

Designed for those who enjoy taking matters into their own hands, our facility offers a customized wash with multiple programs to cater to your specific needs.

Open 24/7 Comfort

Whether it’s a quick rinse or an extensive cleaning, our self-service bays and vacuums grant you the flexibility to beautify your vehicle at your convenience, 24/7. The heated floors allow us to be open all seasons regardless of the weather.

What’s more, with our water conditioning technology, be assured you’ll receive the best wash possible.

To customize your wash and leave your vehicle gleaming, choose from a range of options, including: