Key Tips for Keeping Your Car Sensors Safe and Functional in the Cold

Hello, clean car lovers!

Winter’s here, and with it comes the need for some extra TLC (Tender Loving Care) for your car. This blog is all about keeping things simple yet effective when it comes to caring for your car in the cold. It’s crucial to know what to do, to ensure both its performance and your safety. It’s easy to forget about cleaning the parts of your car that keep you safe, like sensors and cameras, but they’re super important. In this quick read, We’ll share some straightforward tips to make sure you’re covering all the right spots for winter car care. Let’s get your car winter-ready and keep you rolling safely!

Picture of a car screen with parking assist lines

① Regular Cleaning of Safety Sensors:

It’s essential to keep your vehicle’s safety sensors clean from road salt, mud, and snow. Some of these sensors include parking sensors, collision warnings sensors, blind-spot sensors, cruise control sensors, and rearview camera. Regularly cleaning these areas helps maintain crucial safety features. Continue reading to know where you can find them on your car.

② Locating & Cleaning Sensors & Cameras on Your vehicle:

Picture of a car rear parking sensor on a frozen bumper

Rearview or Backup Camera: The typical spot for a rearview camera is around the License Plate or Tailgate and it is the primary tool for safe reversing. Regularly clean this with mild soap and water ensures reliable performance.

Picture of a car front parking sensor on a frozen bumper

Parking Assist: Parking sensors are typically located on the Rear and Front Bumpers. Keep these areas clear of winter debris to maintain sensor accuracy.

Picture of a car side-mirror proximity sensor

Blind Spot Radars & Camera: Blind-spot monitoring sensors are usually placed on the Side Mirrors or Door Panels. Remember to wipe these clean to ensure safety and accuracy during changing lanes while driving.

Picture of two black SUVs with distance sensing visually represented through a white pulse travelling from the car behind to the car in front

Cruise Control System Sensors: Adaptive cruise control and front collision sensors are usually located underneath the Front Grille. Check for where they are located in your car as the location may differ as per the make and model of your car. Keeping this area clear, especially from snow, is crucial for their effectiveness.

Picture of a car windshield camera

Forward Collision, Lane Departure Warning Sensors: You can find these sensors mounted behind the Windshield.These sensors are crucial for forward collision and lane departure warnings. Make sure to wipe the windshield clean as a clear windshield is essential to avoid false triggers from mud and snow.

Picture of a car grill camera

360° Camera System: If your vehicle is equipped with a 360-degree camera system, usually located around the mirror area, ensure these cameras are clean for optimal visibility and safety.

Valet technician spraying car underside with anti-rust oil

③ Preventing Rust and Corrosion:

Beyond safety, keeping your car clean in winter is crucial to prevent rust and corrosion. Regularly washing off dirt, salt, and sand, especially through a car wash, can help maintain the vehicle’s undercarriage and overall longevity.

Emphasizing these winter car care tips can greatly enhance your driving safety and your vehicle’s lifespan during the harsh winter months. Stay tuned for more informational reads and contact our team if you have any questions!

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