Essential Spring Car-Care Checklist: Getting Your Vehicle Ready for Warmer Weather

Hello, clean car lovers!

With spring’s arrival, it’s crucial to give your car the attention it needs after enduring the winter season. Here’s an in-depth checklist to prepare your vehicle for spring:

Car covered in road defrost chemicals

① Get Rid of Winter’s Salty Mess with Essential Undercarriage Deep Cleaning:

Got a grime-covered car? Spring’s the perfect time for a car spa day! Salt, sand, and other winter residues, could be hiding away in the undercarriage, and damaging your car. Start your spring care with a comprehensive wash that targets these areas, removing any corrosive materials to prevent rust and erosion. We recommend going to a professional car wash and choosing a package that gives your car a 360 degree clean.

Valet technician cleaning a customer's car steering wheel

② Refresh Interiors with Detailed Interior Cleaning:

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home. Sanitize all interior surfaces, including the dashboard, steering wheel, and seats. Shampoo and deep-clean the carpets and mats to remove any salt and dirt buildup.

Valet technician waxing a customer's red car

③ Protect Exteriors with Waxing and Polishing:

After cleaning, protect your car’s paint with high-quality wax and polish. This creates a protective barrier against spring rains and makes future cleaning easier, preserving the shine and luster of your car’s exterior. We promise your car’s going to shine brighter than a sunny spring day!

Picture of a Valet Technician changing windshield wipers

④ Windshield Wiper Replacement:

Say bye to those old, rugged wipers. Winter conditions can be tough on wiper blades, leaving them cracked or worn. Replace them with new ones to ensure maximum performance during spring’s rainy days, enhancing safety and visibility. It’s like getting new glasses, but for your car!

Valet technician using software diagnostics on engine

⑤ Vehicle Spring Health Check-Up: Battery, Brakes, and Oil Inspection:

Let’s play doctor-doctor with your car! Cold weather can strain your car’s battery and brakes. Check their condition and replace if necessary. An oil change and chassis lubrication might be due, so consult with a professional auto technician to ensure your engine and its components are well-lubricated and functioning optimally.

Valet technician bolting in new tire

⑥ Seasonal Tire Swap and Alignment Check:

If you’ve used winter tires (which we hope you did!), switch back to your all-season (not recommended!) or summer tires (highly recommended!). While you get your tires swapped, remember to get your car aligned & rebalanced. A wheel alignment check will correct any misalignments caused by winter potholes and rough road conditions. Remember that a poor alignment will cause your tires to wear out faster!

With these tips, you’re all set to spring into the new season with a car that’s as ready for sunshine and road trips as you are. Let’s make those rides fun, safe, and super shiny!

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