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About Our South Guelph Location

Situated on Gordon St. between the Shell Gas Station and Home Hardware, our South Guelph Valet Car Wash location offers many other vehicle services that fit most needs and budgets. Some of these services include an Express Exterior Soft Cloth car wash, interior cleaning services, and more!

Free vacuum tokens are available for Unlimited Wash Members daily! We offer free WiFi & have a comfortable waiting area with a TV installed. We are also located at a walking distance to Tim Hortons, Circle K, and Centurion Coffee.

Customer's car in the middle of the exterior wash

Exterior Car Wash

We offer a fast and convenient exterior car wash with advanced hybrid tunnel technology, efficiently removing dirt and contaminants. Enjoy environmental benefits, enhanced appearance, and affordable unlimited monthly wash packages for a clean vehicle.

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Customer's car in the middle of the exterior wash

Express Interior Cleaning

Revitalize your car’s interior with our Interior Cleaning service. Based on your choice of package, our meticulous process includes vacuuming, surface wiping, seat cleaning, mat cleaning, window cleaning, leather conditioning, vinyl and plastic wipedown, Choose us for our expertise, quality assurance, convenience, and eco-friendliness.

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Interior Packages

Basic Interior

Cleaning Time: Approx. 20–30 min.

  • Car $31.99 + tax
  • Vans & SUVs +$7.99 + tax
  • Trunks +$6.99 + tax
What's included:
Ultra Clean

Cleaning Time: Approx. 60–90 min.

What's included:

Express Detailing Services

Works Express

Cleaning Time: Approx. 90–120 min.

72 Hour Clean Car Guarantee!

  • Car $167.99 + tax
  • Vans & SUVs +$26.99 + tax
  • Trunks +$16.99 + tax
What's included:
Works Express Plus

Cleaning Time: Approx. 120–150 min.

Time will be longer for SUVs/Vans. Carpets and seats will be damp. Plastic seat covers provided.

72 Hour Clean Car Guarantee!

  • Car $209.99 + tax
  • Vans & SUVs +$30.99 + tax
  • Trunks +$16.99 + tax
What's included:
Express Hand Wax

Cleaning Time: Approx. 60–90 min.

(2-Step Process) This service provides the best protection against environmental damage, sun, salt, acid, and rain. Perfect for new cars!

  • Car $94.99 + tax
  • SUVs, Vans & Pickups +$104.99 + tax

What's included:

We recommend this service to be done twice a year for the best protection against Fall and Spring weather.

Happy customer applying foam to their red car

Self-Serve Bays

Our DIY car wash areas are equipped with tools like high-pressure hoses and vacuum stations. They save water, are cost-effective, allow customization so you can clean your car as you like. We provide 24/7 access, heated floors, easy Tap & Pay and a range of cleaning options for a gleaming car at your convenience.

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  • 4 minutes Starting at just $5
  • 12 minutes $10

Tap & Pay Accepted

Tokens available

If you find yourself needing more time, don’t fret — our user-friendly token system allows you to seamlessly extend your wash time to your desired duration.

Recommended Steps Using Wash Programs Available:

Customer operating the paid self-serve vacuum

Paid Self-Serve Vacuums

Our self-service vacuums await, prices at only $400 for a 6-minute session! We offer an assortment of vending products including Armorall, window wipes, and air fresheners, all conveniently priced between $100–200. Payments can be made using tokens or Debit/Credit cards. More about this service

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Opening Hours

Exterior Car Wash

Mon–Fri 7am→7pm
Sat 7am→6pm
Sun 9am→5pm

Express Interior Cleaning

Mon–Fri 8am→6pm
Sat 8am→5pm
Sun 9am→4pm

Self-Serve Bays

Open 24/7

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Our Awards

Our team takes pride in delivering exceptional car care, with a focus on customer satisfaction. This dedication is reflected in the recognition we’ve received, showcasing our commitment to excellence at every location.

Valet Car Wash South Guelph is a proud member of the Guelph Chamber of Commerce