Unlimited Washes – Velocity Pass

Unlimited Monthly Washing

Velocity Pass Information

This membership will allow you to wash your vehicle unlimited every month (one wash per day)! Plans start at $15/month

Memberships are only valid at the location they were purchased.

$15 per month!

Unlimited Monthly Exterior Washes

  • Upgraded Wash Plans available
  • Auto Monthly Credit Card Billing (One month plans not available)
  • Pre-purchase 6 or 12 months in advance if you prefer
  • Valid at Participating Locations
  • Add additional vehicles for additional cost
  • No contracts, no hassles

Rules / Regulations / Terms

  • $15 per month for Velocity Express
  • $20 per month for Velocity Plus
  • $25 per month for Velocity Protect
  • $30 per month for Velocity Extreme
  • charged to your credit card every month (pre-purchased packages available)
  • License plate, make and models of vehicles are required
  • RFID sticker must be placed by Valet Car Wash employee
  • Personal vehicle use only (no company vehicles or taxi vehicles)
  • Fill out application form in store